We bet on the future

At MyM we have an Internship Talent Program (ITP) through which we look for new talent in all types of profiles.

Joining this program as an intern gives you the opportunity to learn first-hand about the work opportunities and culture offered by our group.

As an intern, you will acquire job skills, personal development and networking opportunities and gain valuable experience that is personal, educational and professional. Would you like to participate?

What does our ITP program offer you?
  • A paid internship of 6 to 9 months duration.
  • Early career development program. Each intern will be assigned an employee who will act as a mentor and technical supervisor.
  • The intern and mentor get to know each other and work together, building their professional network.
  • MyM is committed to treating fellows as regular employees in the sense that they engage in meaningful work.
  • MyM supports the development and deployment of a TFM and even the launch of a PhD under industrial seal.
  • Develop skills and abilities that fellows can put into practice in a competitive job market. Increase the employability of the fellow.
  • Research and collaborate with top aerospace companies such as Airbus and Boeing.
  • Develop a future career in MyM. Access to internal job offers.
What do we look for in an intern working at MyM?
  • Initiative, commitment, adaptation to the environment.
  • Learning ability, willingness to learn, knowledge of languages (English is essential).