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M&M Group features the latest technologies for the manufacture of metallic detail parts, as well as for the application of surface and heat treatments. The technology of stretching by numerical control and the train of rolling of profiles complete our capacities covering the needs of our customers.

Thanks to the accrued of our team our degree of specialization in the forming process is a reference in the sector.

These are the processes we work in:


MyM specializes in industrial processes applied to the parts in order to transform them into the final product according to the design requirements. We have 3 and 5 axis CNC machines with different kinematics capable of machining parts up to 3 meters, with which we will achieve a high quality manufacturing process.


The surface treatments will participate in the improvement of the finish of the metal parts, thus guaranteeing optimum protection against oxidation and corrosion. We take care of coating from small parts to large series, so we have different certified technologies, such as chemical conversion procedures, stainless steel passivation, titanium anodizing, TSA anodizing, priming and painting, complying with the most demanding standards and offering reliable results with continuous quality.


The objective of the profile milling process is to obtain flat geometries in order to obtain the final or intermediate geometric design required by manufacturing. An excellent finish will be achieved by operations such as CNC milling or water jet cutting (AWJC).


Metal forming processes are used for plastic deformation and changing the geometry of the part. We have cold and hot forming technologies, press brakes, hydraulic rubber cushion presses as well as the manufacture of elementary parts by drawing technology, thus following the regulations required by the customer applicable to the processes.


Heat treatments are controlled processes that transform the internal microstructures of the metal, thus providing beneficial properties for the product life cycle such as increased hardness of the final products or improved formability of intermediate products. We have a wide range of certified heat treatment services, including quenching, annealing, solubilization and maturation. Given the high level of experience and expertise provided by our staff, we are able to deliver reliable results.


We have the most modern means to carry out assembly processes of aeronautical subassemblies. The company has an air-conditioned room for the assembly and application of sealants, a mixing room and equipment for riveting and drilling.

Your trusted partner

Inventory management

From raw materials, to tools and finished parts. MyM Group does a fully integrated management in our 4.0 system.

Adaptation and flexibility

M&M adapts to any volume of production of our clients, from small series (prototypes, spare parts) to high volume production programs.

Delivery commitment in shortest time


Build to print

A team of engineers with extensive experience in industrialization and “build to print” packages.

Build to spec

With great experience in design and manufacture of templates and tools. M&M meets Airbus and Boeing specifications. 

Reverse engineering


Our commitment to excellence means that we maintain an extensive catalog of certifications required by our customers to guarantee the superior quality of our products.