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Industrial innovation and technological progress are one of the fundamental pillars on which MyM’s business strategy is based. Our company collaborates with universities and technological centers of reference with the aim of researching and implementing new processes and management systems within Industry 4.0 (PLM).

Our research fields focus on technologies applied to the field of modeling and simulation, as well as surface engineering and forming technology.

We also work in the development of scientific and industrial software; augmented reality and video processing, or software engineering for Industry 4.0 (IoT, Digital Twin, Cloud Computing…).

In addition, we have several continuing education programs, including our Internship Talent Program, development of Master’s Thesis or development of doctoral theses applied to industry.

An Innovative SME...

M&M Group has received the Innovative SME seal issued by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. This seal and entry in public registry is granted to small and medium companies that have a great innovative character.

This recognition is a new sign of M&M’s firm commitment to research and innovation in the aerospace and industrial sector.

... and ACTA Agent

The Department of University, Research and Innovation of the Regional Government of Andalusia, through the Directorate General of Research Planning, has decided to accredit and register M&M Group as Accredited Technological Knowledge Agent (ACTA) in the electronic register of Agents of the Andalusian Knowledge System (SAC) with the registration number AC0284ACTA.

In this way, M&M Group joins a select group of entities committed to research, technological development and innovation.


Projects porfolio:

Lines of work:

PLM & Industry 4.0

PLM or Product Lifecycle Management systems manage the life cycle and the digital concept of a product with the objective of managing the product and the general processes of a company in an integrated way, storing all the information in the same support.

It is therefore a global strategy that takes advantage of technology to make the most of the data collected.

For its part, the goal of Industry 4.0 is the digital transformation of a large number of “smart factories” capable of greater adaptability to the needs and production processes, as well as a more efficient allocation of resources.

In MyM we work in projects of definition and development of a PLM based on FOSS for SMEs and we also offer consulting and advisory services to companies in the aerospace and naval industry in their digital transformation.

Metal forming

Metal forming encompasses all processes that produce physical changes in the properties of metal products, i.e. shape, microstructure, strength…. We also include in this area heat treatments.

In the R&D line of MyM we study and develop knowledge around our main manufacturing processes, generate innovative ways of manufacturing and develop cutting-edge industrial technologies and propose improvements based on scientific results.

Surface engineering

Surface engineering is a discipline that aims to adapt surfaces to their service conditions. To achieve its goal, surface engineering techniques improve corrosion resistance, optimize tribological properties, increase fatigue life and modify surface composition, among others.

MyM focuses on corrosion protection and has a strong R&D activity in the development of innovative corrosion protection systems and the optimization of existing processes.

MyM’s lines of research are Cr(VI)-free protection systems, field-assisted coating deposition, frictionless and anti-wear coatings, corrosion inhibitors for active protection and the development of electrochemical process models.

Modeling and simulation

We develop models (i.e., the physical, mathematical or logical representation of a system, entity, phenomenon or process) as the basis for simulations to develop data used for technical or management decision making.

A Digital Twin is a virtual representation that serves as a real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process.

The objective of our work is to generate possible scenarios in the digital world to optimize processes and resources before testing them in the real plant.

Your trusted partner

Inventory management

From raw materials to tools and finished parts. We make a fully integrated management in our 4.0 system to ensure the highest efficiency.

Adaptability and flexibility 

MyM adapts to any production volume of our customers, from small series (prototypes, spare parts) to high volume production programs.

Commitment to deliver in the shortest possible time