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The Spanish Air Force will be renamed the Air and Space Army

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On June 27th, the Spanish Council of Ministers approved a Royal Decree by which the Air Force will be renamed the Air and Space Army.

“The growing importance of outer space in the aerospace field determines that the Armed Forces, and most especially the Air Force, must be capable of monitoring space, guaranteeing its security and freedom of action in favor of national interests, which will require the progressive development and enhancement of space systems,” says the Ministry of Defense in a press release.

As the most visible and representative part of this effort to adapt to the new domain of space, and in tune with the new tasks already assumed of surveillance and control of outer space and the capabilities incorporated, it has been deemed necessary to proceed with a formal change in the name of the Air Force.

“The decision is made in line with the initiatives currently being taken by other allied air forces in our environment,” Defense concludes.