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M&M Group’s capabilities for aerospace parts manufacturing: Heat Treatments


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M&M Group’s heat treatments are controlled processes that transform the internal microstructures of the metal pieces, thus providing beneficial properties for the product life cycle such as increased hardness of the final products or improved formability of intermediate products.

Our company has a wide range of certified heat treatment services, including quenching, annealing, solubilization and maturation. Given the high level of experience and expertise provided by our staff, we can deliver reliable results.

In this article, we give you more information about the operation of this industrial process of our aerospace parts manufacturing line:

Technology: Alferireff furnace

To begin with, the air furnace (Alferireff) installed to perform the heat treatment process is Class II Type B qualified according to CASA 1036, s / BAC5621 and Type C according to AMS2750. The furnace and aging heaters are periodically certified and controlled according to standards.

Heat treatment process operations

All pieces will be cleaned before heat treatment, and it will be checked that they are free of grease, dirt, oxides and manufacturing stains.

Depending on the material, the parts will be aging naturally or artificially. In the case of natural aging, the parts will be aging at room temperature. In the case of artificial aging, after forming, the parts will be treated in the corresponding aging heater, following instructions from the working order.

Furnace parts analysis

Furnace is the principal stage in the heat treatment process. It is also critical to manufacture parts according to the customer material requirements and to achieve high formability material conditions, such as As-Quenched (-AQ) or annealing (-O) conditions.

Having the best technology and the best professionals is crucial when it comes to executing the heat treatment process for aerospace-grade metal components by M&M Group.

The aerospace industry demands utmost precision, reliability, and durability in its products, and heat treatment plays a vital role in achieving these qualities. Cutting-edge technology ensures precise control over temperature, time, and other critical variables, guaranteeing consistent and optimized results.

The combination of advanced technology and experienced professionals not only ensures the highest quality of treated metal parts but also enhances efficiency, reduces waste, and contributes to the overall success of M&M Group in delivering superior aerospace solutions.