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Domingo Ureña, new vice-president of Andalucía Aerospace

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The Andalucía Aerospace cluster held its general assembly of members on July 13 at the headquarters of the Spanish Space Agency (AEE) in Seville. During the meeting, the association, to which M&M Group belongs, ratified Domingo Ureña, CEO and general manager of the Cadiz-based group, as vice-president of the board of directors, replacing Luis Pizarro, former general manager of M&M until last June.

For his part, Antonio Gómez-Guillamón, president of the association, stressed that “a cluster like Andalucía Aerospace is absolutely necessary for the sector and our companies. We are proud to see how we are getting stronger and stronger. The cluster is the space where the common interests of all come together. And so, united, we are capable of great achievements”.

The association, which continues to grow with more than 90 associates, has set as a priority to strengthen “the Andalusia Aerospace brand” at national and international level and to disseminate the capabilities of Andalusian companies to address new markets.

Work is also being done to bring together nearby sectors in order to diversify activities, as is the case of Defense. And a third major strategic objective is to create collaborative areas so that companies, especially SMEs, can access larger work packages or accelerate their innovation and digitization projects.

Juan Román, cluster director, confirmed the incorporation of nine new aerospace companies to the cluster (AES; Akkodis; Deimos; Integrasys; Pegasus; SIAM Ryanair; Skylife; Tratercom; Trescal). These companies are engaged in a wide range of activities (engineering, industrial testing and trials, MRO and space), demonstrating the comprehensive capabilities of the sector. The cluster continues to be accompanied by various service companies that are linked to the sector, highlighting the incorporation of three new collaborating companies (Alter EGO; OGA; Vixion) in this first half of the year.

A collaboration agreement has also been signed with the University of Cadiz to promote training and innovation in the sector. This agreement is an extension of the existing one with the University of Seville. Similar agreements will soon be extended to other Andalusian universities.

The cluster has led three new innovation projects: Impulso Fase II, Análisis and Digisolar, in which seven SMEs from the sector are participating. The projects are co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. On the other hand, the cluster participates in several European projects such as Prestigious, ASSETs+ and Aeris+.

On the institutional side, Antonio Castro, president of Andalucía TRADE, and José Luis Sanz, mayor of Seville, participated.

Source: Andalucía Aerospace / Actualidad Aeroespacial