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Dr. Fernando Mas, CTO of M&M Group, participates as guest speaker at the RAMSTES 2022 international conference

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On November 10, Dr. Fernando Mas, CTO of M&M Group, participated as a guest speaker at the 2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Modeling and Simulations Techniques in Engineering and Sciences (RAMSTES 2022).

The topic developed by Dr. Mas was Digital Design and Manufacturing in the Aerospace Industry, an overview of digital design and manufacturing trends and projects in the aerospace industry. The head of M&M Group’s Technology and R&D area and researcher at the University of Seville reviewed the changes that have taken place in the aerospace industry in recent years in this area, which has gone from being based on flat documents to being based on 3D models, and from being based on 3D models to being based on modeling and simulation, a complex industry characterized by the number of participants and the global location of design and manufacturing centers.

He also discussed the application of advanced digital tools such as PLM, CAX and others, and the use of advanced methodologies such as collaborative engineering as key themes in the transformation. In this regard, Dr. Mas also presented the main initiatives launched by market leaders and the implications for the supply chain.

This second edition of RAMSTES 2022, 100% online, has been organized by the Multi-Scale Simulation Research Center (MSRC) and Flex-MEMS Research Center (FMRC) with the School of Electrical, Electronics and Communication Engineering and the Departments of Mechanical, Civil and Chemical Engineering of Manipal University Jaipur.

M&M Group would like to thank the organizers, especially Dr. Ravi Kumar Gupta, for inviting us to participate in this event of great interest for the international scientific and technological sector.