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MITMA promotes the Alliance for the Use of Green Hydrogen in Aviation

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The Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Isabel Pardo de Vera, has signed a general protocol of actions with ten institutions and companies of the aviation and energy sector to promote the use of green hydrogen in aviation and boost the decarbonization of the aviation sector. Thus, with the signing of the agreement, the Alliance for the Use of Green Hydrogen in Aviation is born, a union to articulate the mechanisms of cooperation and coordination among the members to deploy and consolidate hydrogen as the energy vector of air transport.

During the signing ceremony and presentation of the Alliance, the Secretary of State was accompanied by the Secretary General of Transport and Mobility, María José Rallo, the Director General of Civil Aviation, David Benito, and representatives of other members of the organization, such as the director of the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency, Montserrat Mestres, and Silvia Lazcano, spokesperson for the Alliance and president of the Spanish Aerospace Technology Platform (PAE), of which M&M Group is a member.

During her speech, the Secretary of State highlighted the important role that green hydrogen will play in the decarbonization of aviation and air transport, a sector with importance for the Spanish economy and connectivity.

“It is a great personal and institutional satisfaction to sign this protocol, a collaboration instrument that should allow us to jointly undertake a series of activities to promote the deployment of green hydrogen in aviation and air transport. And this at a time when it is essential the effort of all to realize the dream of a decarbonized society, in which green hydrogen is called to play a key role, of which aviation and air transport should not, and cannot, be left aside,” said Pardo de Vera.

Silvia Lazcano, PAE president and Alliance spokesperson.

Silvia Lazcano, spokesperson for the Alliance and president of the PAE, assures that “aviation was the first sector to adopt a global agenda against climate change in the last decade of the last century. Its commitment has not changed in intensity, and our goals are increasingly ambitious. In this context, hydrogen is proving to be the winning horse as the energy vector of the future for heavy transport and in particular for aeronautics, knowing that it has already been used in space for some decades. However, the hydrogen value chain is still being created and is complex. To achieve net-zero carbon emission targets by 2050, as the industry is committed to, rapid coordinated action is needed to ensure that production, distribution, regulation, airport infrastructure and on-board technologies are developed over the course of this decade. The Aviation Hydrogen Alliance aims to facilitate and catalyze collaboration among all stakeholders to make this a reality.

The Alliance

The Alliance is formed by Mitma, Aena, AESA, the Spanish Association of Oil Products Operators (AOP), the Airline Association (ALA), the National Hydrogen Center (CNH2), GASNAM, the National Institute of Aerospace Technology (INTA), the Spanish Hydrogen Technology Platform, the Spanish Association of Defense, Security, Aeronautics and Space Technologies (TEDAE) and the Spanish Aerospace Technology Platform (PAE).

The objective of the signed protocol is to establish the terms of collaboration for the determination of needs for the development, production, storage and distribution of green hydrogen for aviation in Spain, as well as the research and development of solutions or the exchange of information between the different agents that participate in this broad ecosystem.

Among the various collaboration activities that will be facilitated by this protocol are:

  • the establishment of roadmaps,
  • the organization of meeting forums and congresses,
  • the elaboration of positioning and dissemination documents,
  • the identification of projects,
  • the dissemination of activities promoted by the Alliance.

It involves impetus to articulate cooperation and coordination mechanisms among all members of the Alliance to identify and promote solutions to reconcile the needs of supply and demand for green hydrogen in air transport and aviation in the medium and long term.

The clean energy of the future

As we can see, the use of hydrogen as a clean energy source in industry, including aerospace, is a trend that is gaining more strength every day in the joint effort to achieve the sustainable development goals. In fact, on February 2 will be presented, as we have already reported on our website, the results achieved in the “Study / Report on the regulatory treatment of projects incorporating hydrogen technologies“, conducted by the AeH2 Spanish Hydrogen Association and in which M&M Group has participated.

Source: Mitma and PAE