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M&M Group capabilities: materials testing laboratory

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In our blog we also want to have a space dedicated to explain the capabilities that M&M Group has in its production plants. On this occasion, we are going to present our materials testing laboratory at our headquarters in Espera.

It is a standardized laboratory to verify the mechanical properties of the materials with which we manufacture our parts. This allows us to study the behavior of new materials and offers us to continue betting on the improvement of manufacturing processes.

To achieve this, we have a universal testing machine, generally known as a tensile testing machine, which meets the requirements of ASTM-E4 and allows us to configure the tests according to the standards. The capabilities of the machine allow us to use load and displacement control, as required, to determine important parameters in the characterization of materials, such as their strength and elongation at break or elastic properties.

The tensile tests we perform analyze the behavior of the material under a progressive tensile stress until it breaks, thus causing the deformation of the specimens of the material to be tested by applying a progressive load in axial direction. In addition, we have conductivity and hardness equipment to control and verify the quality of our processes and finally our products.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that having a certified laboratory allows M&M Group to guarantee, on the one hand, the quality certification of its final product and, on the other hand, to open research lines for new materials for aerospace use.