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M&M Group: an unwavering commitment to sustainability

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In the previous post about sustainability in M&M Group we talked about some of our research projects whose final objectives are directed towards this new social conscience as we try to enhance, through innovation, but also through our services and manufacturing processes, the digital industry so that the aerospace sector and general industry are also more efficient, reducing the negative impact on the environment.

So, on this occasion we want to present you several of the initiatives and general actions that our business group develops to become, precisely, a sustainable organization.

M&M Group has been working for several years to reduce the consumption of natural resources, such as, for example, and in these times of drought, water consumption. We have also implemented an appropriate management system, through companies specialized in this area, of all the waste generated in our company. In this regard, the intention is clear: that such waste is reused to promote a circular and sustainable economy. In this regard, we carry out continuous studies of waste management, whether recyclable or not.

Green energy

One of the most outstanding initiatives that our group has implemented a year ago is the installation of a green energy generation system through photovoltaic panels in the facilities of M&M Group in the town of Espera. We are talking about 2,250 m2 of facilities specialized in profiles and drawing parts, including their thermal treatments. This PV system supplies the factory with 100 kW of power, thus minimizing energy operating costs and contributing to environmental conservation by drastically reducing CO2 emissions.

In this line, we also have a general plan to reduce energy consumption, which includes simple but essential actions, such as the replacement of standard lighting fixtures with efficient LEDs.


We are trying to become an increasingly Paperless company, digitizing most of our operations or processes, avoiding the use of large amounts of paper, as well as creating greater satisfaction among our employees, reducing errors and having more control over them. From the human resources point of view, we promote good environmental practices among our employees because any small gesture, no matter how small, is important and they all add up.

To measure the impact of these actions, we have developed KPIs or sustainability indicators that help us to evaluate the company’s main areas of impact, since our goal is to become a 100% sustainable company. Thus, every month we launch our monitoring, focusing on energy, materials and CO2 emissions.

And the fact is that M&M Group has an unwavering commitment to its environment and its sustainability strategies to become a 100% sustainable company, aligned with numerous Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda. Therefore, we invite you to visit our web section on sustainability to learn more about our policies and actions.