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M&M Group: focused on innovation projects for sustainable development

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Sustainability is, more than a concept, a reality dressed as a challenge that every day takes more strength in the collective conscience of our society: circular economy, ecology, recycling, environmental care….

We are talking about the implementation of a new economic and social paradigm of resource optimization, no longer thinking in the future, but in the present. And this new idiosyncrasy, more visible in the Western world, affects all industrial sectors, including aerospace (the EU, for example, will reduce emissions in the sector to help achieve climate neutrality by 2050).

Recently, M&M Group has received the Innovative SME seal from the Ministry of Science and Innovation. This recognition, as we pointed out in our communication on the matter, “is a new sign of M&M’s firm commitment to research and innovation in the aerospace and industrial sector”. However, this commitment has a component that undoubtedly marks the beginning and the future of the projects we are developing (and that will come in the future): sustainability.

In this post we will talk about three R&D projects in which M&M Group is currently working and what are the sustainable objectives pursued by each of them:

GreenBath, “greener” surface treatments

The objective of the GreenBath project is to develop and implement simulation and optimization technologies in the area of surface treatments. It will develop a simulator for the area that will make it possible to monitor compliance with deadlines, detect bottlenecks and calculate the consumption of substances and consumables. In addition, a new system for positioning parts on racks for chemical baths will be developed, which will allow better use of resources and available space.

The GreenBath project contributes to the company’s transition to the Industry 4.0 model and to the development of enabling technologies such as simulation and optimization, while acting as a starting point to achieve a digitalization of the company’s activity. In addition, it contributes to better resource utilization, streamlines production-related activities and facilitates strategic decision-making.


  • Improved process efficiency. 
  • Reduction of electricity and natural gas consumption. 
  • Reduction of chemical product consumption.  

GreenBath (IDI-20210358) is funded by CDTI – Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial, an entity attached to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and co-financed by the Pluri-regional Operational Program of Spain ERDF 2014-2020.

ACTIVAL, technology for a more sustainable aviation.

“Towards a more sustainable and competitive aviation through the implementation of active protection technologies and ultrasound-based sensors in aluminum aerostructures” (ACTIVAL) is a project developed by the consortium of which M&M Group is a member, together with Titania Ensayos y Proyectos Industriales S.L., Chemplate Materials S.L. and Innerspec Technologies Europe S.L.

Through ACTIVAL we work on the previous preparation of the material, the implementation of sustainable processes, early corrosion detection systems and the development of innovative repair methods, with the aim of implementing a sustainable production free of environmentally unfriendly compounds.


  • Development of environmentally sustainable treatments by eliminating the use of toxic chemical compounds, such as hexavalent chromium. 
  • Reduction of direct emissions of volatile organic compounds by eliminating their use. 
  • Improved corrosion resistance properties through the use of non-polluting inhibitors. 
  • Reduction of production times, which leads to an increase in line capacity, improving production efficiency. 
  • Reduction of waste and scrap generation. 
  • Reduction of energy consumption. 

ACTIVAL is one of the proposals approved in the first call of the Aeronautical Technology Program (PTA) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

DEEPEST, simulation of efficient sheet metal drawing

DEEPEST (“DEvelopment of Sheet Metal Drawing Processes by Simulation”) is working on the creation of a simulator that will help us to better understand the physical parameters that dominate this drawing process and that will also allow us to improve the quality of the parts and reduce the time and cost of industrialization of our products.

For this model, mechanical characterizations of different aluminum alloys intensively used in the aerospace industry are performed as well as simulations in finite element programs, in which we at M&M are generating models of our drawing presses.


  • Decrease in waste generation.
  • Improvement of process efficiency, thus minimizing the failure rate in forming operations, thanks to the simulation of the process for virtual set-up.
  • Reduction of defect rates and reprocessing operations. 
  • Improved heat treatments = electricity savings. 

Like GreenBath, DEEPEST (“DEsarrollo dE Desarrollo dE Procesos de ESTirado de chapa por simulación”, IDI-20210358) is funded by the CDTI – Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial, an entity attached to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and co-financed by Spain’s Pluriregional Operational Program ERDF 2014-2020.


These three projects in which M&M Group is working are the proof of the company’s clear commitment to the development of sustainability through innovation. And getting the Innovative SME seal, as we said on our website, is nothing more than “a great incentive to continue working, with even more enthusiasm, both in current projects, already under development, and in future projects that we are already preparing”. Let’s go!