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M&M Group avoids the emission of eight tons of CO2 by 2022 thanks to its photovoltaic installations

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Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time as it presents a significant threat to the stability and sustainability of business and the economy as a whole. The effects of climate change, such as rising global temperatures, rising sea levels and the intensification of extreme weather events, can have negative impacts on infrastructure, the supply chain, production, demand and product quality.

In addition, consumers and investors are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of companies and are demanding concrete actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate climate change. Companies that fail to respond to these demands may face negative consequences for their reputation, market position and profitability.

It is therefore essential for M&M Group to address climate change as part of its sustainable development agenda. Renewable energies are positioned as one of the solutions to meet the climate targets in the energy system, although they are not yet sufficient to meet them in their entirety. The challenge is to ensure quality of life in parallel with economic growth while being able to reduce the environmental footprint.

In this way, our company undertakes actions that help to avoid as far as possible to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. In order to reduce these emissions, we must first identify the main emissions and identify the most effective actions to minimize them. For this reason, in a first phase in 2021, M&M decided to install photovoltaic panels at its headquarters in Carissa Aurelia de Espera (Cádiz), which were activated at the beginning of 2022 and which supply the plant with 100 kW of power. This initiative has prevented the emission of a total of eight tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, according to the factory’s management system.

In addition, the emission reduction actions include other actions such as reducing the consumption of natural resources, minimizing the use of transport between our sites by implementing online support and optimizing the manufacturing flow, among others.

Companies that get ahead of the curve and adopt more sustainable and efficient practices can gain a competitive advantage and generate new business models that are more resilient and profitable in the long term.

Because, as it is worth remembering, the fight against climate change is a shared responsibility between the private sector and governments, and companies can make a significant contribution to global efforts to achieve the climate goals set out in the Paris Agreement and other international agreements. That is M&M Group’s goal.