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M&M Group, new Accredited Technological Knowledge Agent (ACTA) of the Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Regional Government)

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The Department of University, Research and Innovation of the Regional Government of Andalusia, through the Directorate General of Research Planning, has decided to accredit and register M&M Group as Accredited Technological Knowledge Agent (ACTA) in the electronic register of Agents of the Andalusian Knowledge System (SAC) with the registration number AC0284ACTA.

M&M Group is committed to prepare an annual action plan and a complete report of the activities carried out.

It should be noted that the Andalusian Knowledge System is made up of a set of entities that support, collaborate and project within and beyond the Andalusian borders the research work of the Community. Decree 254/2009, of May 26, 2009, establishes the classification of the agents of the Andalusian Knowledge System, defines the requirements to be accredited as such and the activities carried out by each one of them.

Agents of the SAC

Agents of the Andalusian Knowledge System are understood as those groups of people, institutions, organizations and entities that intervene in the processes of generation, transmission, transformation, use and dissemination of knowledge.

The agents are classified in different types according to their main activity, arranging them in three categories:

  • Knowledge Generation Agents.
  • Networks and structures that transfer, adapt and apply knowledge for the production of innovation.
  • Management entities, which support the coordination and administration of knowledge and technologies.
  • Actors in the system

Andalusian public universities are the main actors in the system, comprising 86% of the more than 2,200 registered research groups. In addition to their research centers and institutes, the six Campuses of International Excellence play an important role, leading projects that aggregate capacities both within and outside the university system around key sectors in the scientific, economic and social spheres for the region.

Other public research organizations and centers also play a fundamental role. This is the case of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC), with several centers in the region. There are also organizations and entities in the health field, essential parts of the Andalusian Public Health System, and in the agro-industrial field, such as the centers of the Institute for Research and Training in Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Ecological Production.

The SAC also hosts some thirty technology parks and centers, which facilitate the exploitation of knowledge and bring it closer to the productive sector, together with nearly 20 foundations and innovation and technology centers. Other entities dedicated to the transfer and dissemination of research results are also agents of knowledge.

In this way, M&M Group joins a select group of entities committed to research, technological development and innovation.