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The R&D project “IMAGINA”, in whose consortium M&M participates, selected within the PTA 2023 of the CDTI

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The AI-based Research for Asset Monitoring and Sustainable WIP Management (IMAGINA) project, in which M&M Group’s Technology and R&D team participates within the consortium of companies, has been selected within the 2023 call of the Aeronautical Technology Program (PTA) of the CDTI for the financing of R&D-intensive strategic initiatives carried out by a group of companies whose objective is to contribute to the development of relevant technologies for application in the aeronautical field.

The IMAGINA project seeks to optimize the processes of the auxiliary aeronautical industry through the efficient use of production management by means of the integration of artificial intelligence systems and the interior positioning of materials and assets. In this way, the project responds to the PTA’s CHALLENGE 4 “Intelligent and advanced manufacturing: Digitalization. Development of advanced manufacturing technologies with high added value”, and specifically to the sub-challenges: control technologies, monitoring and simulation of production processes and digital twins and advanced manufacturing and automation systems.

Who is part of the consortium developing IMAGINA?

In order to achieve the ambitious general and specific objectives, the consortium involves leading companies in their fields of activity, with suitable profiles and proven experience that allow them to address the demanding technological challenges posed: M&M Group, a company specialized in the manufacture of sheet metal parts for the aerospace sector, together with INESPASA, an SME specialized in offering design, development and manufacture of aerospace tooling, machining of precision parts and assembly of substructures, will actively participate in all project activities, leading two use cases, which synthesize the current needs of companies similar to them; SKYLIFE, a technology-based company focused on the development of on-board electronics and indoor positioning systems, in addition to software design and customized digital solutions, specialized in the aeronautical sector; and, finally, HI IBERIA, a company focused on the development of software solutions specialized in data analysis and development of AI algorithms to provide added knowledge to help and optimize decision making.

Duration of the IMAGINA project: October 2, 2023 – June 30, 2025.

About PTA 2023

It should be recalled that the PTA 2023 call, which is developed within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan and the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, will allocate 71.42 million euros to the 28 projects approved, 10 of which correspond to the PTA Large Companies modality and 18 to PTA SMEs, with a total budget of 109.06 million.

In 2023, the growth of projects led by SMEs stands out, doubling both the number of projects approved with respect to the previous year (from 8 to 18) and the associated subsidy (from 14.96 million euros to 28.84 million), even exceeding the planned budget reserve of 28 million euros.

Of the total of 28 projects approved, 10 correspond to the PTA Large Companies modality and have 39 participating entities distributed in consortiums of between 3 and 6 companies, with a total budget of 67.51 million euros and a committed CDTI contribution of 42.58 million euros. On the other hand, 18 projects correspond to the PTA Pymes modality, with 59 participating entities in consortiums of 2 and 4 companies, a total budget of 41.55 million euros and a committed CDTI contribution of 28.84 million euros.

A total of fourteen Autonomous Communities have participated in the program, with the Autonomous Community of Madrid in the lead (€37.33 million in subsidies), followed by Andalusia (€9.16 million) and the Basque Country (€7.49 million).