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Capabilities: Stretching technologies

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This year, we have launched in our blog a space dedicated to explain the capabilities that M&M Group has in its production plants. In this article we present the Erie Press Systems drawing machine with which we manufacture profiles for the different programs in which our company participates. It is worth noting that in 2022, this drawing machine increased its production of parts by 60% compared to 2021.

What is the stretching process?

Detail of the Erie machine used by M&M Group.

Stretching is a manufacturing process used to produce parts with a specific shape. ERIE stretching machines are industrial equipment used to stretch and elongate metals and other plastic materials. In the case of M&M Group, we work exclusively with aluminum parts. These machines work by applying a constant and controlled force through a die and a drawing tool, which move together to stretch and form the material.

General machine characteristics

The features of an ERIE drawing machine can vary depending on the model and application, but some typical attributes include:

  • Stretch force and speed control.
  • Quality tracking and monitoring systems
  • Customization of the drawing tool according to the application
  • Ability to process different materials and cross-section sizes
  • Basic Operation

Basic operation

The Erie machine used at M&M performs the drawing of both aluminum alloy profiles and sheets by means of the action of two hydraulic pistons that form the material.

Image obtained through the Deepest Project (via Abaqus)

The machine consists of a central table on which the specific tooling is placed to form each component. At each end of the work table there are two rotation axes on which two hydraulic arms rotate. This rotational movement in the plane together with the retraction movement of the hydraulic pistons in each of the arms allows the correct forming of the part. These components are initially clamped to the arms by means of hydraulic clamps that prevent the parts from slipping during the process. This machine is operated through a numerical control software with its own computer and screen interface.

It should be noted that the DEEPEST project (“Development of Sheet Metal Drawing Processes by Simulation”), which is currently being implemented internally, has been developed using this machine.