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The Confederation of Companies of Cadiz (CEC) celebrates its 45th anniversary highlighting the social dialogue model as the driving force of the province

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The Confederation of Companies of the province of Cadiz (CEC), an entity of which M&M Group is an associate company, celebrated its forty-fifth anniversary on May 30 with an emotional ceremony attended by representatives of business associations from different stages and productive sectors.

The Hotel Parador Atlántico de Cádiz hosted this event in which its vice-presidents, general secretary and the president of the CEC, Javier Sánchez Rojas, presented awards to seventy people linked to the different stages of the business association movement in the province of Cádiz.

On behalf of all of them have intervened in a discussion, moderated by journalist Inmaculada Macias, three former presidents of the business federations that, in 1978, joined to form the Confederation of Employers of Cadiz, with the aim of promoting and protecting the interests of entrepreneurs.

Thus, Antonio Gamero (Horeca), José Bohórquez (ASAJA) and Juan Sánchez-Alcántara (FEMCA), recalled the beginnings of their associations and the subsequent creation of the CEC, in the early years of the Spanish Transition, from the Law of Free Association of 1977. On May 30, 1978, the statutes of the business confederation were approved and ready for official registration with the Ministry of Labor.

Javier Sánchez Rojas emphasized in his speech that “today we are inspired by the same ideas and we continue to do, in essence, the same as we did 45 years ago: defend business interests and contribute to the growth of our province. You were visionaries in an exciting period of change in Spain in which it was essential to turn companies into a social reference through their associations. Drivers of change at key moments, exceptional individuals who had the courage and vision to lead transformational movements that have left a lasting mark”.

The president of the CEC has highlighted the role of the model of social agreement between unions, employers and government, “a model that has not changed and continues to be essential to provide stability to our province. Agreements require dialogue, commitment and willingness on the part of all parties involved, but they can be powerful instruments for promoting development and well-being on a broader level. We cannot miss any more opportunities to achieve this in the province of Cadiz, which needs a great agreement of all social and political actors, an engine of change that drives the integral development of the province, improving the quality of life of its inhabitants and generating opportunities for future generations.”

Sánchez Rojas congratulated “all the businessmen and businesswomen of Cádiz for their dedication, creativity and perseverance. Your work has not only generated and continues to generate wealth and employment, but also drives the progress and prosperity of your environment. Let us continue working together, with determination and optimism, to face future challenges and build an even more prosperous future for all”, he remarked.

From our business group we would like to congratulate the CEC for these 45 years supporting and defending the interests of companies in the province of Cadiz.

Source: CEC