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World Environment Day: M&M and sustainable development

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This June 5 we celebrate World Environment Day, a date with increasing weight and significance in society and, of course, in industry. Today we would like to recall M&M Group’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and sustainable development. For our business group, it is fundamental to address environmental concerns and economic development in a comprehensive manner, involving society, the administration and the private sector.

In this regard, M&M Group strives to be a 100% sustainable company and we use key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate and minimize our environmental impact. These indicators focus on areas such as energy, materials, CO2 emissions and recycled waste. In addition, our company is also embracing digitalization to reduce paper usage, improve efficiency and make data-driven decisions.

In terms of sustainable manufacturing, M&M Group is concerned with curbing the negative environmental impacts of its business activity. We manage the waste we generate in the most appropriate way, including chemical waste and recyclable materials, and we have implemented a clean energy generation system through photovoltaic panels that avoid a large percentage of CO2 generated in its facilities to the atmosphere.

Our technology and R&D projects are 100% oriented towards sustainability. These projects seek to develop environmentally sustainable treatments, improve process efficiency, reduce waste and energy consumption, and promote worker health and safety.

As we have stated on many previous occasions, M&M Group aims to become a smart and sustainable factory, focusing on carbon footprint reduction, natural resource and energy use, improved operational efficiency and technological development. We also actively promote environmental awareness among our employees, encouraging good environmental practices and aligning ourselves with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

In short, M&M Group shows a strong commitment to environmental sustainability in all areas of its business activity, from manufacturing to research and development, seeking to reduce its environmental impact and promote efficiency and sustainable development in the industry.

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